Welcome to Figgington!


Welcome to Alex. At just eleven years old, he is the youngest member of our news crew who will be helping us in Barbara's prolonged absence.

Weasels numbers going down!

We MUST save them


Is this a weasel? Janet please can you CHECK before we put it on the website! Ron says is it's just a mouldy fox.

The PROTECT OUR WESELS shop in the town centre said it has seen more dead WESEALS in the last montj! Please don't kill them.

Visit the shop next to the pub and talk to the man at the desk to make a DONATION!! There is a lovely bucket of things which you can have even if you just give them 1p.


Protect the weasels

NEW chef at Ferret's Head Pub


The Ferret's Head Pub in town has re-opened its doors and has promised not to serve the sausages that brought about the regrettable law suit. Barry the landlord is out of jail and has hired a new cook with a food hygeine certificate AND a GCSE in French. CORDON BLUE!<br />

If you want to read more about the delicious food on offer in and around Figgington,check out Woody's FOOD BLOG!

By Woody



Cheap drinks!


Google photo is NOT my drink but looks VERY like it. My drink was ornage.

My mum bought a drink in the corner shop but it was really cheap because it was well old! But the man in the shop sold it to her anyway and it still tasted ok.

By Alex.


German electro pop sensation!

More news in the PUB!

There will be GERMAN MUSIK!

Special invitations will be sent to lucky people in town.

By Alex


Tit watch

Keep your hats on

I took full opportunity as chief minute-taker of the Parish Council to make the village's feelings about the St. Graham Tits abundantly clear.

I know a number of you have fallen victim to their attacks. I had my best hat stolen right off my head whilst walking past their lair (it's the old tree in the churchyard, watch your backs). One visitor from ANOTHER town said that the gang even tried to take his shoes off while he was walking past.

The Figgington Parish Council has decreed that it needs photographic evidence before they can take appropriate action, so I am calling for everyone who LOVES this village to prove it and join me in a stake out at the church. We need this problem resolved before the village fete or it'll be absolute carnage!

Together, let's GET THOSE TITS!

By Brian

Goosey Wallop



The village fair will happen soon and you can play the famous game GOOSEY WALLOP where you hit a goose with a mallet. (It is not a real goose) LOL.

By Alex.


No more bread for aggressive ducks

Can whoever is still feeding bread to the local ducks please stop?!
They become VERY agitated whenever they hear rustling polythene within 200 metres of the village duck pond.



Police Chief Malcolm Brastrapp has now left Figgington to squander what's left of his life on a complete waste of time that he's been obsessed with for almost ten years!

Good riddance!

By Barbara Brastrapp.

P.S. Please visit the charity shop in town, they will be taking receipt of a number of boxes of men's clothing and belongings this week.


Seller of exclusive boxed adventure games "Bargain Gamez" in the town centre will be closing its doors and turning into the region's 78th Groggs bakery. Pick up a bargain before they close.

Most games now reduced to 50p or less.


Welcome to our website

You are welcome to our web site

Welcome to our website

You are most welcome, please enjoy our website all about Figgington.


By Barbara Brastrapp.