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Tom - 06/06/2024
Wonderful site Brian! Made Esmé's plops today, wonderful delight!

David - 04/06/2024
Well done, Brian. Lovely site.

Tit - 23/03/2024
Brian is a liar.

Mrs Lennox - 05/02/2024
My caro sposo and I simply loved your charming little town. The soda we bought at the Happy Shoppie was 12 years past the expiration date but since we used it for baptisms instead of drinking, we didn’t mind a bit.

AmaZing - 05/01/2024
I absolutely love this website, and those pies look absolutely delicious!

Guybrush - 01/01/2024
Stopped by Figgington after my ship sprung a leak off the coast. Beautiful place. Lots of weasels.

Mark - 19/11/2023
Does anyone have the number for a local taxi? Some bird stole my car keys.

David - 05/11/2023
Wonderful stroll around town, and we found a great place for discount frootie shooties.

David and Hannah XXX

Mr. Chris - 15/08/2023
Been meaning to visit Figgington for a while now, finally got around to it. Nice, dreamy place. Would search for classic game references here again.

Bobbin - 06/07/2023
Hi everyone, I am visiting town in search of my mother. She went swanning off and she is needed to help dye the sheep. Anyway, to fund my travel expenses I'm selling these fine leather jackets so any motorcycle gangs or archaeologists hit me up before I move on.


Maskinkultur - 01/05/2023
I just arrived in Figgington and have already looked at tits and talked to SATAN. Great little town.

Lisa - 30/04/2023
Got lost and ended up in Figgington, but so glad I did. What a lovely place. The kind of place dreams are made of. Think I will stay and never leave.

Chris (again) - 02/04/2023


Marjorie is Innocent!

It was a frame up job!


Decriminalise Kurly Whirleys!


Rob - 14/03/2023
I signed the Figgington guest book and all I got was put on this lousy mailing list

Matthew - 05/02/2023
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I haven't enjoyed myself this much since my visits to Thimbleweed Park and that Monkey Island full of pirates. All I had to show for that was a Broken Sword. I'm sorry for typos. I had a little too much to drink last night at the Ferrets Head with Sam and Max. Dj Gronkh knows how to party. We went a little too Full Throttle since our trip was coming to an end. I didn't get to spend a lot of time at the village fette after that. But I woke up had a Hair of the Dog to attempt to make the best of the day. I got to watch a bit of Fandango on the TV, but that was a bit Grim for me so I kept flipping. There was some movie about a a Tentacle as well, but I left it on Indiana Jones. It seemed fitting as tipped my hat to the town on my out the door. To my surprise it was taken by a tit! Oh well better a bird than the little girl we saw that kept picking up random things around town. I don't even know how she managed to hold so much stuff at once. I look forward to visiting again sometime in the future. Thank you!

EK - 26/01/2023
I've just returned to Germany from my trip to Figgington. The town was worth a visit, but this quirky girl who kept running into me almost made me lose my head.

Mr. - 23/01/2023
Useful as a chocolate teapot

Albert - 28/11/2022
I can't ever understand why the council won't not sort out the bloody mess town's gone to the pot

Steven - 26/11/2022
Charming town. Would have stayed longer if my money hadn't been stolen by a flock of birds. They were a right bunch of tits.

fuff - 21/11/2022
It appears that I am up the proverbial estuary without a means of locomotion.

John - 02/11/2022
Came for the plops, stayed for the lack of buses home. Sinister place, keep dreaming about it since.

TJ - 27/10/2022
My He-Naan action figure burned up in the oven! Oh no!

Lloyd - 26/10/2022
Has anyone seen a gerbil? I am so… worried… he might be in danger in the scary wide world. Please bring him back to me where he can be… safe.

Eric - 25/10/2022
Was hoping for a badge but all I got was this lousy guestbook

Jeffrey - 24/10/2022
So pleased to see you actually made this site. Loving the game.

C_arya - 22/10/2022
Love that this is a working site 👏 I would like to suggest that Happy Shoppie carry some more items though...

Squirrel - 22/10/2022
Love this game!

Judith - 21/10/2022
I really like the idea of having a webpage in a game. I really enjoy it.

Karen - 19/10/2022
Good effort on the website, could use a bit of sprucing up though... Thanks for the recipe for Esmé's plops, I will try it out!

Steven - 18/10/2022
This website rocks!!! I'm off to find my Heritage Trust membership. Bye!

Chris - 18/10/2022
Hi, First time visiting Figgington and i'm impressed by how friendly the folk are here. Still yet to explore the rest of the village but i am really impressed with Figg Hall! I really want to be a member!

Allan - 18/10/2022
Great to get the full steamy version of Lucy Dreaming. Enjoyed the demo at OLL in Norwich

The - 18/10/2022
No one can be bothered to empty the one garbage bin in the entire town, and I am pretty sure SATAN stole my deepest, more personal secrets, but I had a figgington of fun in Figgington.

A - 17/10/2022

First time visiting Figgington and I must say it's a lovely place. The Ferret's Head Pub has some of the best ferret sausages I've ever had! The lady working at the library stole my heart <3

Klara - 09/09/2022
Really enjoying my stay here! In town for the village fete! Hope to compete with the other jamineers or grabbing a find at the auction!

Paul - 06/07/2022
I recently arrived in Figgington as part of my UK-wide tour of visiting all the statues in the country. It’s taken me to some really interesting places. None more so than this little town! Their statue is…one of the more unusual statues I’ve seen. It’s definitely worth taking a look.

I visited Fig Hall but, like another guest in this book, the queue in the cafe took an AGE to move (I swear we moved backwards at one point), and when I finally got to the front, they told me they don’t sell strawberry blancmange. Gutted!

I cheered myself up though by going to the village fete that was on and while looking around the stalls I spied a Goosey Wallop game. It was brilliant and I am now an official Goosey Walloper! That’s one lifetime goal I didn’t realise I needed that I can tick off! I can honestly say that Figgington really is ‘The Town of Dreams!’. Or at least my Goosey Walloping dreams. I did meet an angry guy who was taking photos of tits. It turned out he was talking about birds, not boobies! That was a bit awkward.

I can also recommend visiting the charity shop. They’ve got loads of cool, random stuff in there.

Overall, it was well worth the trip! I’ll be sure to come back again if they can sort out the strawberry blancmange!

Mrs Figgins - 06/07/2022
FOR SALE - assortment of pie dishes in various dimensions and depths, most in reasonable condition, all with signs of use. Open to offers. Tel: 737 8466

Johnny - 05/07/2022
I visited Figgington recently, passing through from Darkham on my way to Mousewood. It was great fun! Found some interesting new books at the library (amazing how they can find you exactly the stuff you've been looking for all your life), took a tour of Fig Hall (the queue in the café prolonged my visit to about 12 hours though...), played some games at the village fete and even got my hands on some cheap old police parapharnelia at a local auction; perfect, since I work at the police academy, collector's items all of them! I'll definitely return here!

Jessica - 05/07/2022
nice website!
I enjoyed my stay in Figgington a lot. Wish I had been there longer. But I'll visit again :)

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